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Free Products Application

At present, 1000+ people in the world have been approved by us and have obtained the qualification of this Free Products Application program. Our cooperation allows them to own our products for free and greatly improves their Switch gaming experience. At the same time, NYXI also has more users who can experience our quality products.
As Switch enthusiasts like everyone else, we clearly understand how wonderful it is to have a unique Switch controller, so we welcome all Switch lovers to join this program and share our high-quality and cool products through our cooperation with relatives and friends around you.
How To Get Free
Just contact us through our customer service email <> or directly in the messenger, we will reply to you and communicate specific matters with you.
What you need to do
  1. one dedicated try-on haul video for Staler on YouTube channel
  2. 4 pictures for different outfits as a slide in one post on Instagram
  3. Instagram stories or Snapchat coverage