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Review for NYXI Wireless Joy-pad with 8 Colors LED For Switch/Switch OLED

Mar 07,2022 | nyxigaming

There are three color options about NYXI wireless joy-pad, including black, transparent and white(is also called milk.) All of them have adjustable eight-color RGB LED and rumble feature, back button with customized turbo function and six axes gyroscope.They are so popular with most of our customers. Here are some of their reviews about them.

Product Name: NYXI Wireless Joy-pad with 8 Colors LED For Switch/Switch OLED

Rate Score:9/10

Review Content:Today I wanted to show you my new Nintendo Switch controllers by @nyxigaming

This is so comfortable than the classic joycon, we have a better gaming experience with. As you can see you can add a color to the controllers : blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple & rainbow, pretty stylished !

Joysticks are bigger & more comfortable with the grip sensation and you can charge your console without take off the controllers.

8-10 hours of autonomy, it depends of the light & HD rumble intensity.

Reviewer 1:slim_tomy_

Review Date: February 18, 2022



Product Name: NYXI Transparent Style Wireless Joy-pad with 8 Colors LED For Switch/Switch OLED

Rate Score:8/10

Review Content: These are currently my favorite Joy Con . What are your thoughts ? They are by @nyxigaming .


  • Lightweight & Comfy in hand
  • Clear shell with lights 
  • Buttons are Quiet not clicky
  • Great for handheld mode
  • Similar feel to Split Pad Pros
  • Very High quality



  • I don’t believe there is an off button for the lights
  • I wish they had more clear colored version of these because I need them all.

Reviewer 2:mizzlesworldtoys

Review Date: February 11, 2022


Product Name: NYXI Milk Style Wireless Joy-pad with 8 Colors LED For Switch/Switch OLED

Rate Score:8.9/10

Review Content: My Valentine's gift from @OhHiTiffany came in! After seeing these advertised all over Facebook I caved and had to try them out. So far, loving them. Much more comfortable.  @NyxiGaming

Reviewer 3:JGrooveTV

Review Date: February 23, 2022


Rate Score:8/10

Review Content: Quick review for those Curious. I have the Milk white controllers. I have no experience with other joycons other than the original controllers.

Design: very comfortable, clean look. Buttons are loud when you click press down on the Joysticks, home button, - and + buttons. All other buttons are smooth and not clicky.

Joysticks are smooth, and taller than the Originals. Triggers are bigger and easier to press.

Rumble works. IMO they are a little obnoxious. You can turn down how strong the rumble is which is a nice touch but way louder than standard joycons.

The docked mode controller is very sleek with the provided middle controller dock.

Overall I’d say this controller is a 8/10 mainly because of the vibrations/rumble being so loud.

Highly recommend!

Reviewer 4:Joshua James Orbinati

Review Date: January 18, 2022


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