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The Best New Nintendo Switch OLED Version: What you should look for?

Jan 07,2022 | nyxigaming

Are you looking to buy the new Nintendo switch OLED version and  accessories for Nintendo switch OLED in search of an honest and comprehensive review for that? Well, this article is the ultimate solution and would prove helpful in knowing the best features the new Nintendo Switch is coming with!


Nowadays, video games are getting immense popularity, and gamers search for a device with top-notch specifications and features. Nintendo OLED has a beautiful screen and a better kickstand. In addition, this version has more space. If you will buy the switch for the first time, it's a frivolous choice. Furthermore, this version is a luxurious or extravagant option for those who already have it.


Know the specifications of this Nintendo Switch Version …


  • Date of release: October 8, 2021
  • Chipset: Custom Nvidia Tegra X1
  • Display 7-inch
  • Maximum Resolution 720p
  • Size 9.5x 4.0x 0.6 inches
  • Weight 14.9 ounces
  • Maximum frame rate 60fps



  • The OLED screen is beautiful
  • A good number of minor yet valuable upgrades
  • Black and white screen that looks great
  • Excellent library and switch features


  • It doesn't possess 4k possibilities.
  • Display of 720p
  • Fewer specs as compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Price $350

Design of new Nintendo Switch OLED version

The design of the Nintendo OLED is quite similar and almost the same as the base model. Furthermore, the size of the Nintendo OLED is 9.5x4.0x 0.6 inches. The size it is available at is quite comfortable for many people using it and they can hold it for long hours.

The screen of Nintendo OLED Version

The screen is the most obvious and prominent change in this newest version.

Earlier it had a 6-inch LCD screen but now switched to a bigger 7-inch screen that is LED. This larger screen of the Nintendo OLED looks better, and it's delightful to watch the deep blacks and the vibrant colors.


So, whenever you play your favorite game at the dark detailed stage, such as the foreboding castles of The Legend of Zelda. When it comes to image quality, it is almost the same.

Kickstand and speakers of the Nintendo OLED Version

After the upgrade, the kickstand is the entire length of the device. So, it's pretty different from the past when it was just a simple piece of plastic. That makes it quite convenient to stand the Switch OLED on many surfaces. In addition to this, the dock of the OLED has a built-in Ethernet port, so you don't need to buy an adapter separately.


Now let's talk about the speakers that are not much different from the base model but still relatively better. The speakers of the OLED Nintendo are a little bit bigger and have a rectangular shape.

The interface of the Nintendo Switch OLED

The interface of Nintendo OLED is almost the same, just like switch lite and the base switch, and have the same OS as well. It shows that Nintendo OLED poses a game menu that is easy to navigate. It is present on the home screen.

Additionally, separate sections include Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Switch Online, saved photos and videos, brightness, controller options, and other system settings. It would help you remember that the navigation of the Nintendo OLED is not as robust as the Xbox series X/S or the PS5, but it is more simple and easy to operate than them. OLED and all the other switch systems are now supporting Bluetooth audio.

Performance of Nintendo OLED Version


Sadly, it's not the best choice when it comes to performance. Although it is almost the same as the base model, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are performing much better as compared to it.

Controller of Nintendo Switch OLED Version

As for the components and interface, the Nintendo Switch OLED controller is quite similar to the base switch. When the Joy-Cons are attached to the console, they are more competent. On the flip side, when connected to the controller base, they are slightly uncomfortable and off-center. Moreover, they are also excellent for multiplayer sessions. Nintendo Switch Pro controller is the ideal choice for you to enjoy the games for hours sitting on your couch.

Game Library of Nintendo Switch OLED Version


Like the Switch lite and the base Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED also offers an eclectic and robust game library. In addition, the game selection is the same among all three console variations. The games you can play include the first-party Nintendo fare such as Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. Furthermore, you will be able to play the recent third-party popular games, including Dragon Ball FighterZ and Doom(2016).


If you are a follower of older games, you will be glad to know that it also allows you to play classics such as Megan Man X. On the other hand, if you are a person who likes to play new games, you have the opportunity to play them and use them.

Battery Life of Nintendo Switch OLED Version

It depends on the game you are playing. But usually, it can work between 4.5 to 9 hours. Moreover, the Nintendo OLED switch has the battery as the base model, so the battery is the same without having any upgrades.

What do other people think about it?


We found several reviews positive about it. It has an overall rating of 4.7, that's commendable. But some people have complaints regarding the switch as well. People are annoyed because of the high price. In addition, they think that it needs more improvements because it's almost the same as the old version.

Final Words:


To sum up the article, we say that Nintendo OLED is a sound system with many new additions. In particular, the screen looks gorgeous. Furthermore, the minor improvements in the speakers, storage, dock, and kickstand are commendable.


Now, let's discuss the downsides of the OLED version. Sadly, after four long years, they still have the same components, resolution, controllers, and there is a dire need for their upgrade.


If you want to start, it can be a good option because it has a solid system. But if you search for something with all the latest features, consider another option.


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