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How to choose your gaming console?

Dec 16,2021 | nyxigaming

How to choose your gaming console?

There are three mainstream consoles including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. All of these platforms are competing with each other. Each of these platforms have their own in-house development studios to make these games. 

  • Nintendo Switch

If you really want to get into something a little bit less complicated and more simple, I wholeheartedly recommend the Nintendo Switch. And the reason for that is Nintendo, for decades, since the '80s, has always deliberately designed their games to be accessible to widen their audience. That's always been their standard goal as a video-game company. It's kind of a hybrid console that you can either dock and play on your TV, so it's like a home console. 

And it's also a portable console that you can bring anywhere on the go or just play in bed if you want to relax and whatever. Nintendo has done a very impressive job of not just a very great selection of games that Nintendo has made, like "Mario" franchise, the "Zelda" franchise, the “Pokemon” franchise. It's also been a great space for independent games. And a lot of those are easy to drop in and out of.


  • Play Station

If you're looking to get truly immersed in a game and you don't really value interacting or doing as much of a social element in video games, the PlayStation 4 is probably more of what you're going to be looking for. 

The PlayStation 4 is known as a more serious gamer console. Games have a tendency to last about 50 to 60 hours plus. And that's not just engaging with the story that the game wants to tell, but exploring the world that comes around with it. 

  • Xbox

If you want to play games simpler and let you play on your own time without tens of hours of investment, Xbox can satisfy you about that.

Xbox has Game Pass, for $5 a month, $10 a month, offers you this massive catalog which range from "Minecraft" to "Sea of Thieves." And then if you really want to dip your toes in the more intensive titles, you can play "The Master Chief Collection," "Gears" franchise, all sorts of titles that would be deemed more serious. 

What’s more, once you have purchased the Xbox Play Anywhere digital game, you can enjoy the right to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10, it can be seamlessly connected in any place, and the price is very attractive.


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