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Five Tips to Win Easily at Smash Ultimate

Feb 24,2022 | nyxigaming

Super Bros Smash Ultimate is a fighting game! It's important to continually improve your skills to enjoy sweet moments of success. Here are 10 tips to help you easily win in Smash Bros.

Tip No.1 attack when pressured

A lot of players will hold shield as their opponent pressure them as they're afraid of getting hit. However, this means your opponent can safely pressure issued and it sometimes makes you feel like they're just walking all over you and all their moves are safe and there's nothing you can do. There's it can often be to hit them before their move comes out. many players like to safely pressure shoots by using safe landing aerials, this leaves them vulnerable before their move comes out. so if you simply jump up and hit them first, you actually be fine.

Tip No.2 Double jump back on stages as you attempt a stage spike

When performing is their spike, don't do this. It is better to run off and double jump aerial back onto stage when you're attempting a stage spike. This means if your opponent takes your aerial or you simply miss, you're in perfect position to still ledge trap as opposed to being off stage you're having your opponent ledge trap or edge guard you.

Tip No. 3 Turn around to grab cross ups

Turn around and shoot against opponents who want to cross you up. If you play a character like DK where you have poor options if your opponent crosses up your shield. It's best to turn around a neutral

against players who like to cross you up. Here Donkey Kong tries to punish wario near by using a back hair. However, if the Donkey Kong turned around in neutral he could simply just grab as soon as the wario crosses up his shield.

Tip No.4 Use movement to stay safe

Use movement to be safe rather than relying on shooting and spot dodging. Many players like to use shield or spot dodge so that they don't get hit after a safe move. However, this gives your opponent a chance to either get your option and punish you or safely proceed. However, using your movement to stay safe immediately returns the game to neutral rather than having you on the back foot and can allow you to our space and punish your opponent.

Tip No. 5 Use ledge trumps

Ledge trapping could be hard especially when your opponent is able to mix up not only their get up option but also their timing. Occasionally using ledge trumps will force your opponent to choose an option straight away from the ledge, making it easier to let's trap. If you have a quick back here, using ledge trumps into backer can also get you some cheeky kills.


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